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The Lego MovieThe Lego Movie : McDonalds Happy Meal Toys collection was available to UK collectors in McDonalds restaurants between Wednesday the 5th of February and Tuesday the 18th of March 2014.

If you have wondered which Lego Movie accessories were available in the UK Happy Meal collection you are in the right place.

In this exciting Happy Meal, kids could collect 8 lenticular beakers featuring The Lego Movie characters. Here you will be able to find out all the information you need regarding the The Lego Movie – McDonalds Happy Meal Toys campaign in the UK.

The Lego Movie : Video Trailer

The video below features The Lego Movie video trailer.

The Lego Movie Summary

The fate of the world lies in one mini figure’s tiny yellow hands!

Bricksburg, a perfect world where everyone is always happy and everything is awesome. That is until one average guy named Emmet finds himself with a strange red object and is mistakenly told that he is the ‘Special Master Builder’ by a tough young woman called Wyldstyle.

Very soon Emmet meets a blind old wizard called Vitruvius and joins a fellowship of strangers including; Batman, Metalbeard, Uni-Kitty and Benny the “1980-something space guy”.

Together they embark on an epic journey to stop the evil tyrant, Lord Business from destroying the Lego universe.


One day, a talented lass or fellow…
A Special One with face of yellow…
Will make the Piece of Resistance found…
From its hiding refuge underground…
And with a noble army at the helm…
This Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm…
And be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times…
All this is true because it rhymes.

The Lego Movie : Campaign

  • Campaign Overview
    • Campaign Name : McDonalds The Lego Movie Happy Meal Toys 2014
    • Total Number of Accessories : 8
    • Campaign Duration : 6 Weeks
    • Campaign Start Date : Wednesday the 5th of February 2014
    • Campaign End Date : Tuesday the 18th of March 2014

Happy Meal Book OfferThe LEGO MOVIE® releases in the UK on the 14th February 2014 and sees LEGO coming to life for the first time in a feature length film. To celebrate the release, McDonald’s have teamed up to bring you this exciting Happy Meal.

The Happy Meal Box contains a book voucher which can be used to purchase one of two books; LEGO Hero Factory : Meet The Heroes or LEGO Friends : Let’s Go Riding.

Simply pop out the voucher on your Happy Meal Box and present it at the till of any participating W. H. Smith store to redeem your book for just £1.

Happy Meal LEGOLAND OfferOn your LEGO Movie Happy Meal Box you will also find a half price Family Ticket Voucher.

To receive 50% OFF the walk up entrance price (adult or child) for between 2 to 5 people (to include a muinimum of 1 child and 1 adult), simply punch out the token and present and surrender the voucher at the attraction entrance.

Valid at:

  • LEGOLAND Windsor Resort
    • 14.03.14 until 03.11.14
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester
    • 14.03.14 until 31.12.14 (Excluding 25.12.14)

WIN one of 10 Master Builder experiences at LEGOLAND. Enter at for your chance to win. Each winner will stay at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

Happy Meal Master Builder Experience

Please Note : The schedule below is the proposed running order provided by McDonalds UK, this may be subject to change subject to availability.

The Lego Movie : Happy Meal Flyer

The image below illustrates The Lego Movie Happy Meal Flyer in the UK.

The Lego Movie Happy Meal Flyer
» The Lego Movie : McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Flyer UK

The Lego Movie : UK Collection

President Business / Lord Business Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • President Business
      • President Businessis the CEO of the biggest company in Bricksburg called the Octan Corporation.
    • Lord Business
      • Lord Business is an evil tyrant, plotting to take over the LEGO universe.

McDonalds The Lego Movie President Business BeakerPresident Business is one cool guy, or at least that’s what everyone thinks. In public, he seems to make Bricksburg the awesome place it is but President Business isn’t all that he seems!

Behind closed doors President Business transforms into Lord Business an evil tyrant, plotting world domination. The Kragle is Lord Business’s super weapon. It has the power to glue the world, so everything can stay just the way Lord Business likes it – forever!

» Find President Business / Lord Business on Ebay …

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Vitruvius Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Vitruvius
      • Vitruvius is a heroic wizard who declares that a Special Master Builder will defeat Lord Business.
    • Wyldstyle
      • Wyldstyle, one of the Master Builders, is a strong, independent and creative girl who questions the status quo when things go wrong.

McDonalds The Lego Movie Vitruvius BeakerVitruvius is a heroic wizard who declares that a Special Master Builder will defeat Lord Business and prevent him from ending the world with the Kragle.

Not long ago Vitruvius could see.

He also had the Kragle but Lord Business blinded him with a laser beam in order to seize the powerful weapon.

The blind wizard doesn’t need the power of sight to be an ace Master Builder, he can see the instructions in his mind.

» Find Vitruvius on Ebay …

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MetalBeard Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • MetalBeard
      • MetalBeard is obsessed with defeating his old nemesis, Lord Business
    • Vitruvius
      • Vitruvius teaches Emmet to believe in himself.

McDonalds The Lego Movie MetalBeard BeakerMetalBeard has waited a long time to reap revenge on Lord Business and his robot army. The last time they met he was lucky to escape with his head! He still rues the day he was forced to replace his body with a mix of pirate ship parts.

There’s no mistaking MetalBeard’s crazy looking ship when she sails over the horizon. The Sea Cow is a welcome sight when the Master Builders are lost at sea on Emmet’s double-decker couch, after their submarine breaks into pieces.

» Find MetalBeard on Ebay …

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Wyldstyle Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Wyldstyle
      • Wyldstyle loves street art, motorcycles and pushing boundaries.
    • Emmet
      • Emmet is mistakenly identified as the key to saving Bricksburg from the evil Lord Business.

McDonalds The Lego Movie Wyldstyle BeakerWyldstyle is a free spirit who hates following President Business’s rules. A highly skilled, streetwise Master Builder, she can build anything out of anything.

Wyldstyle might look mean and moody, but beneath her black hood, she isn’t quite as tough as you might think. Deep down, she can be a little insecure, that’s why she often changes her name to sound cooler. She has previously been known as Darkstorm, Gemini and Snazzypants.

» Find Wyldstyle on Ebay …

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Batman Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Batman
    • MetalBeard

McDonalds The Lego Movie Batman BeakerHeroes don’t come much cooler than this caped crusader. By night Batman builds and fights crime in his all black Batsuit. By day, Batman dons a super slick business suit to become his alter-ego; Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Batman likes to build bat-themed vehicles, like the Batwing he rescues Emmet, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius in. Batman is also in a relationship with Wyldstyle (but it’s not super serious) and thinks Emmet is a ding-dong.

» Find Batman on Ebay …

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Emmet Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Emmet
    • Batman

McDonalds The Lego Movie Emmet BeakerMeet Emmet the most ordinary guy in Bricksburg. No one, not even Emmet himself thinks there’s anything special about him.All that changes however when Emmet discovers a mysterious object. From the day on he becomes the most important person in the universe!

Emmet is always smiling because his loves his life and his job as a construction worker in Bricksburg. He loves following President Business’s rules and never, ever questions them.

» Find Emmet on Ebay …

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Unikitty Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Unikitty
    • Unikitty

McDonalds The Lego Movie Unikitty BeakerUnikitty is half-unicorn, half kitten and welcomes everyone to Cloud Cuckoo Land with a dance and a smile! Unikitty only likes to think of positive things. If she starts to feel the opposite of happiness she thinks of bubble gum, butterflies and candy floss to make the thoughts go away.

Unikitty changes according to her situation. When she needs to be professional she’s Biznis Kitty. In space she’s Astro Kitty.

» Find Unikitty on Ebay …

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Good Cop / Bad Cop Beaker

  • Collectors Cards:

    • Good Cop
    • Bad Cop

McDonalds The Lego Movie Good Cop BeakerMeet your friendly neighbourhood police officer. If you need anything, it’s Good Cop you need to speak too. Policing runs in the family and Good Cop prefers to fight crime with kindness and his own brand of polite policing.

When Lord Business has dirty work to do, he calls on Bad Cop as his number one henchman. His latest assignment is to catch the Special, nad if Bad Cop doesn’t do the job, he will definitely not see Lord Business’s good side!

» Find Good Cop / Bad Cop on Ebay …

The Lego Movie : Completed UK Collection

The Lego Movie McDonalds Happy Meal Toys completed collection.

The Lego Movie : Completed Collection
» McDonalds Lego Movie : Happy Meal Toys Completed Collection

The Lego Movie : Happy Meal Books

Hero Factory : Meet The Heroes

Hero Factory : Meet The Heroes

» Hero Factory : Meet The Heroes

Explore the LEGO ® Hero Factory and meet all the amazing robot heroes!

W H Smith Exclusive RRP £4.99 : Exclusive £1 Offer with a McDonalds Happy Readers Voucher (Subject to availability).

Lego Friends : Let’s Go Riding

Lego Friends : Let's Go Riding

» Lego Friends : Let’s Go Riding

Join the friends at Heartlake Tables and Riding School and meet their favourite horses!

W H Smith Exclusive RRP £4.99 : Exclusive £1 Offer with a McDonalds Happy Readers Voucher (Subject to availability).

The Lego Movie : Additional Merchandise

McDonalds The Lego Movie Happy Meal Box
» McDonalds The Lego Movie : UK Happy Meal Box

The Lego Movie : Drawing Sheets
» The Lego Movie : Drawing Sheets (Download The Lego Movie Drawing Sheets)

Questions and Answers

[ Question ]
How many beakers will be available to collect in The Lego Movie McDonalds Happy Meal campaign?

[ Answer ]
In total, there will be 8 Lenticular Beakers to collect. Each one will feature a character from The Lego Movie as follows:

  • President Business
  • Vitruvius
  • MetalBeard
  • Wyldstyle
  • Batman
  • Emmet
  • Unikitty
  • Bad Cop

[ Question ]
What toys will be offered with the Happy Meal after The Lego Movie campaign ends?

[ Answer ]
The next campaign will be Super Mario, which starts on Wednesday the 19th of March 2014.

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    I was wondering how i could get the ones my children still need if the stores round mine do not have them in

    Thank you


    • admin April 4, 2014 at 12:38 am #

      Hi Vicki, I’m afraid that McDonald’s don’t have a procedure in the UK to fulfil the toys once the campaign has finished so you’re only real choice is to look on eBay as you can usually get the ones you need from sellers on there. Although this will mean you having to pay for the postage.

  2. Daniel and Nicholas March 18, 2014 at 7:10 pm #

    We were disappointed that our local McDonalds gave us Vitruvious cups in the final week of the promotion as we had already got these cups about three weeks earlier. Why did they not have the good cop cups?

    • admin April 4, 2014 at 12:42 am #

      Hi Daniel/Nicholas. I can’t comment specifically on why the outlet near you did not have Bad Cop Lego Movie Beaker in the final week.

      Although there is a specified running order for the Happy Meal toys, each restaurant receives a certain amount of stock will offer what they have available at any given time.

      The schedule for the toys is only the proposed running order and this may be subject to change subject to availability.

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